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Pacific Stories Learning is an educational companion website to the Pacific Stories website, produced in 2005. Pacific Stories is a co-production between Film Australia's National Interest Program and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Presented by Vika and Linda Bull, the website explores the geography, history and culture of the South Pacific.






The Foam
Armbands found in Foam wreck
Source: Stephen Beck
James Cook University School of Anthropology, Archaeology & Sociology

Secrets in Mystery Bay
Mystery Bay
Source: Tim Smith
Maritime Heritage Online, NSW. Accessed 3 October 2006

President Coolidge
President Coolidge wreck
Source: Peter Stone
Oceans Enterprises. Accessed 3 October 2006

La Perouse
La Perouse by Thomas Woolnoth (1785-1836) nla.pic-an9635510
Source: National Library of Australia

Mutiny on the Bounty
Mutineers turning Lt Bligh and part of the officers and crew adrift from HMS Bounty, 29 April 1789 by Robert Dodd [artist & engraver]; B B Evans [publisher]

Divers amongst the Pandora wreck
Source: Peter Gesner
Queensland Museum. Accessed 3 October 2006

Truk Lagoon
US Dive Bombers flying over landing strip on Etten Island
Source: William Jeffrey
Chuuk Historic Preservation Office. Accessed 3 October 2006

HMAS Canberra
HMAS Canberra sailing into Sydney Harbour in 1930
Source: Australian War Memorial

Image of a PT-105 patrol boat; same class boat as the PT-109
Source: Naval Historical Center (US)

The Original Rainbow Warrior
Sunken Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, 1985
Source: Greenpeace

General Grant
Etching of the General Grant
Source: MAANZ. Accessed 3 October 2006

Marine Life

Smokers - A Sunless Ecosystem
Hydrothermal vents
Source: United States Government

Pregnant Fathers
Pregnant seahorse
Source: Dr J Floor Anthoni at Seafriends Accessed 16 October 2006

Sharking News
Whale shark
Source: Karl Jesienowski

Lost and Found
Minke whale
Source: Karl Jesienowski

Disappearing Turtles
Leatherback turtle
Source: Doug Perrine/Jeff Rotman Photography Accessed 3 October 2006

Master Builders
Soft coral with polyps extended
Source: NOAA Photo Library

Slow and Deadly
Box jellyfish
Source: Dr Zoltan Takacs

Living Fossil
Source: Karl Jesienowski

Fastest Fish
Source: Nautical Creations Decorative Fish. Accessed 3 October 2006

Explosion of Life
Underwater life
Source: Karl Jesienowski

The Region

Samoan man in canoe
Source: Film Australia

Pacific Islanders in canoes
Source: Film Australia

Sailing boat in Kiribati
Source: Film Australia

Satellite image of the Pacific Ocean
Source: United States Federal Government

Peaceful Pacific
Pacific beach, Vanuatu
Source: Film Australia

World's First Sunrise
Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean
Source: Film Australia

First Maps
Martin Waldseemuller's 1507 World Map
Source: Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress(US)

Gender Equal Society?
Detail Map Vanatinai (Sudest) and surrounding islands
Source: Vixen Films

Paradise Now?
Pacific beach with hut, Samoa
Source: Film Australia

Banana Bandages
Banana leaf
Source: Vixen Films


Sugar Slaves
A re-enactment of workers in the cane fields of Queensland
Source: Film Australia

First Migration
Pacific Islanders in canoes
Source: Film Australia

Island of the Fuzzy Hairs
Papua New Guinean tribal group
Source: Film Australia

Tonga Travels
Vika and Linda Bull and Tongan friends
Source: Vika and Linda Bull

Can't Go Home
Bikini Atoll refugee, Marshall Islands
Source: Film Australia

Climate Change Refugees
Greenpeace image of preparations for high tides in Pacific Islands
Source: Greenpeace


Weaving Wealth
Hands weaving, Vanuatu
Source: Film Australia

Unique Shell Trade
Large crate with various shells, New Caledonia
Source: Film Australia

Sushi Bars
Plate of various sushi
Source: Loyaukee

Pumpkin Power
Pumpkin plantation
Source: Mitangi Tonga Photo by Pesi Fonua

Black Pearl
Black pearl
Source: Tahiti Tourisme Accessed 4 October 2006

Clay Pots and Money Shells
Traditional artifacts, Papua New Guinea
Source: Tourism West New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Worlds Largest Copper and Gold Mine
Freeport copper mine, Papua
Source: NASA

Losing Nemo
Clown fish
Source: Jan Derk

Pearl Shell Money
Specimen Papua New Guinea 10 kina note
Source: Bank of Papua New Guinea

Copper Mountain
Panguna Mine, Bougainville
Source: Film Australia


Surviving the Volcano
Smoking Mt Yasur volcano
Source: Vanuatu Tourisme Accessed 4 October 2006

Lost World
Golden Mantled Tree Kangaroo
Source: Peter Schouten and Studio Schouten Accessed 3 October 2006

Tropical Glacier
Puncak Jaya glacier from the south
Source: Kalman Muller Accessed 3 October 2006

Mother Rights to Land
Bougainville women
Source: Film Australia

Tsunami-hit village in Papua New Guinea, 1988
Source: Hugh Davies, University of Papua New Guinea

Butterflies with Birdwings
Birdwing butterfly
Source: Tropical Orchid Farm

How Many Islands?
Palm tree lined beach, Samoa
Source: Film Australia

World's Tallest Mountain and Deepest Sea
Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Source: Eric Guinther

Seas Rising
Kiribati man
Source: Film Australia


First Contact
Papua New Guinean men with headdress
Source: Film Australia

Nuclear Playground
Nuclear explosion in Marshall Islands
Source: US National Archives

Land Eternal
Boat on water, Vanuatu
Source: Film Australia

Cease Fire
Young freedom fighter from the Bougainville Revolutionary Army

Source: Alex Smailes Solidarity South Pacific

French Polynesia
Moorea, French Polynesia
Source: NOAA Photo Library

Pacific Kingdom
Linda Bull meets King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV of Tonga in 1994
Source: Vika and Linda Bull

Island or Flower?
Source: Vixen Films

Painted man riding on horse, Vanuatu
Source: Film Australia

Australia's Only Colony
A patrol officer with the local community
Source: Film Australia


Human Hair Wigs
Papua New Guinean man wearing headdress
Source: Film Australia

Hot Topic Bikini
1960s girl in bikini
Source: Film Australia

Treasure Island
Pacific island, Samoa
Source: Film Australia

Traditional Tahitian tattoos
Source: Tahiti 1 Accessed 3 October 2006

Original Bungee Jump
A Vanuatu islander prepares to jump
Source: Film Australia

First line of Article 2 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Tok Pisin (Pidgin English)

Nose Flutes
Wood-cut of Fijian Girl Playing the Nose Flute, circa 1858
Source: Just Pacific Accessed 16 October 2006

Gauguin in Tahiti
French Polynesian woman
Source: Film Australia

A Word for Music
Papua New Guinean percussionists
Source: Film Australia

Sing Sing
Album cover Telek
Source: David Bridie and George Telek Accessed 3 October 2006


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